P-Infinity is an international executive search firm which will provide you with the most suitable and tailor made service. We aim to offer you a service with the most professionalism along with the highest quality. In order to perform our job accordingly and responsibly, we have to follow a list of ethical principles which can reflect our values required in this executive search profession.
1. Quality
To insist on providing you the highest quality of service, we will concentrate and devote to your assignment. Our consultants do not manage multiple assignments at the same time. We are committed to maintain a long term relationship with our clients.

2. Professionalism
To maintain the highest standards of professionalism for every client and every service we offer, therefore we conduct our duties in the most professional way. With our high degree of professionalism, we are determined to stick to our search methodology every time and we do not go for short cut.

3. Confidentiality
To protect the name and image of both our clients and the candidates, we will not disclose any information or details of either party without prior permission and will keep it to the strictest confidentiality. All candidates' information will be used for recruitment purposes and recruitment purposes only, since we aim to serve our clients in full loyalty.

4. Honesty
To extend our highest degree of professionalism, we strive to be accurate and complete in all relevant information to our clients, as we realize that our activities would reflect the corporate image of our clients.

5. Service attitude
We surely will serve our clients with our highest integrity, best professional responsibility and offer our most sincere attitude will full respect. The purpose of this is to build a mutual trust relationship.

6. Expertise
P-Infinity focus our executive search services on a few industries only. It allows us to provide a deeper insight of each industry, most updated information and supported by worldwide talents of our consultants.